....coming home to a house that reflects your own personal taste.

You have been part of its creation from the beginning. It's functional, a delight to live in, and a valuable asset financially and emotionally.

As an asset of considerable value it should be designed by the very best architects and built by the very best tradespeople.

That's what we do at Knowlman McDonald. And the results are reflected in the many awards and testimonials we have received.

The Design

The cliche, "it's all in the design", stands true at Knowlman McDonald. It is all in the design. Indeed, the design is the difference between an average home and one which is beautiful to look at and a pleasure to live in.

You are part of the design team at Knowlman McDonald. Your ideas are merged with the knowledge and flair of our experienced team.

All things are considered, the block, its natural form and aspect, your preferred materials, size of the family, and the way you wish to enjoy your home.

To help you, we have developed a checklist to assist in designing your home. Before a stone is turned we take great care to ensure we know exactly what you want and expect.


We only use materials that are proven in quality. We are more than happy to use your preferred materials provided they meet our stringent specifications and the requirements of local government authorities.

Our team and our tradespeople are all qualified. Additionally, they are all experienced in designing and building high quality homes.

The Price

People with budgets of $600,000 or more should consider us. Our fixed price to you is a combination of the design, drafting, engineering, statutory fees and building costs. This price contains no hidden extras or excuses why it might cost more later. It is the total you pay for the design/building package. And more, you are given a firm completion date so you can plan ahead.

Your Involvement

There are 155 steps to follow when you sign the building agreement to make sure you understand the drawings and to again make absolutely certain everything has been included.

Your involvement doesn't end with signing the building agreement, it is actively sought during regular site meetings arranged from the moment tradesmen begin to final handover. In fact, we have yet another checklist to follow (for you and our building supervisor) to guarantee you quality workmanship.